Rob had to work yesterday even after the recall.. sooooo.. he decided to bring me to work with him so I don’t have to stay at home by myself all day.. and I’m soooo glad he did! Coz we got home at around 5pm! If he didn’t do that, I would have been so bored to death(plus it’s a Saturday!) The other NCO’s are teasing him saying he’d be sooo dead when we get home since we stayed there longer than Rob planned (supposed to be 4 hours, turned to 6).. But everytime they tease him, he says “I’d rather have my wife with me here than her be alone all day at home..” Then he’d smile at me =).. Really lucky to be his wife ^_^

It’s a Saturday, 3AM and we’re wide awake.. RECALL I HATE YOU -_-



do you ever shift in bed slightly and suddenly youre in the most perfect sleeping position ever and you feel like the fucking planets are aligned

which is usually followed b needing to pee

^^^^^ sooooo true!

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Parenting done properly 

taken from a German TV ad for Hornbach 

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are there any benefits to turning 17? 16 was driving,18 is adult hood.

there is none

its the null year. 

you become a dancing queen

young and sweet

only seventeen

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